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Dr. Joe's “Listen, Watch & Learn" Package

One payment of only $69.95 gets you EVERYTHING!


ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game   

ZEN PUTTING: Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens    GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game


                Taking Your Range Game to the Course
                             Putting With Confidence
                                       Getting Out of Trouble: When You Miss the Fairway
                                                    Getting Out of Trouble: When You Miss the Greeen


           I-Phone and I-Pad compatible - have all these Zen Golf resources available at your fingertips!



                                                    Get your “Listen, Watch & Learn” Package today! 




Great book, helped my mind and golf game. Have recommended it and quoted parts of it to many of my golfing friends. Have the audio book and the hard cover. The good thing about audio, you can listen to it over and over - and I have.


--Linda Garner


Same here, I listen to the audio book all the time. If you really study the book and use what is in it, I feel it can cut 2-4 shots per round off your score. That's what I've seen over the past couple of years.


--Don Taylor 


This book really has changed the way I approach the game, each hole, and each shot. I enjoy myself so much more, am more relaxed, and most importantly - I am having more fun playing the game.


Dr. Parent's visualization techniques are very helpful. And he doesn't just tell you how you should approach golf, he shows you. Well worth every penny!!! 


--J. Reed


More than anything else, Zen Golf, showed me how to enjoy the game. My expectations of great outcomes got in my way. Now, by focusing on the process instead of the results and by using the techniques outlined in Dr. Parent's book, its more fun. And, surprise! The results are more pleasing.


The best golfers in the world are employing golf psychologists. Zen Golf is a great way to learn what the pros are learning. 


--David Yossem


ZEN GOLF is the best book at connecting the mind and golf together. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture.

--Vijay Singh, #1 in World rankings, 2004-2005


We admire Dr. Joe and appreciate the lessons he has taught us in golf and life through his friendship and writings. He conveys his wisdom to all in a simple and beautiful manner.

--Jack and Barbara Nicklaus


Doc teaches me to be more aware of my feelings and how to stay in the present and to really bring out the best of my game. He’s helped me make my mental game strong and let my talent shine every time.

--Cristie Kerr, #1 in World rankings, 2010


A top notch book on the mental game.

--David Leadbetter, internationally renowned golf instructor



Dr. Joe, I'm getting better at visualization of my shots. Just had my first hole in one yesterday! 

--Katy W.





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