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Your next event can feature a cutting edge presentation that is as enjoyable as it is inspiring.

• Dr. Joe's message is entertaining and enlightening and points the way to greater confidence, less frustration, and more success in business, life and golf.


• His keynotes are designed to meet the specific needs you have for your company's event: value-added programs for clients, regional meetings, in-house seminars and management retreats.


• Please watch some of his video highlights, read his Biography and see which of his unique Presentation Opportunities would be best for your event. 

• Rates by arrangement on sliding scale.

 Special Rate for presentations at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Resort!

Exec Coach


As a consultant and executive coach for leaders and teams of dozens of leading organizations, Dr. Parent supports their continued innovation and evolution. He is a recognized expert in the field of corporate mindfulness consulting;

  • Leading the way in teaching mindfulness in action, inspiring the breakthroughs in personal growth and interpersonal effectiveness necessary to excel in today’s competitive economy.

  • Helping individuals to have greater self-esteem and confidence, to be more inquisitive and creative, to push their boundaries and move ever forward on the path to success.

  • Training teams to be capable of better task immersion, cooperation, and resilience—the stepping-stones to successful collaboration and innovation.

  • Providing the keys to removing blockages in personal and interpersonal functioning, restoring high levels of productivity and wellness throughout organizations.

Mind Business


Mindfulness practice will be introduced through directed experiential exercises:  

  • centering and grounding exercises--guidance in systematic relaxation, calming of mental agitation, and deeper awareness of bodily sensations 

  • sitting in stillness--mindfulness of breathing, posture, and environment that brings a heightened awareness of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions 

  • mindfulness in action--guided experiences of everyday actions in a manner that allows the participant to thoroughly explore the sensations, feelings, and thoughts that accompany different modes of experience.

Participants will learn:

  • how to work with posture and breathing to channel the energy of emotions into energetic focusing 

  • a simple but powerful system for changing unwanted habits

  • easy to apply strategies for continuous improvement in creativity and productivity

Presentation Opportunities for Business

Conferences, Meetings, Training Programs:
Keynote Speaker– Any size group; 45-90 minutes. Inspiring talks with topics such as "You Must be Present to Win – The Power of Mindfulness,"

"NINJA – The Zen of Changing Habits," and "Four Kinds of Yes and No – A Simple System for Success." Excellent as dinner or luncheon speeches.
Training Seminar or Breakout/Workshop Leader – Groups of 12 to 24; 90 minutes to full day program. Interactive training and discussion for improved performance.
Introduction to Values-Based Mindfulness – Any size group; 30 minute talk and 20 minute practice session. Learn the secrets to being more focused and less stressed, as well as a better listener and communicator.
Golf Programs:
ZEN GOLF Workshop – Any size group in meeting room; 45-90 minutes. Learn to play with less frustration, more consistency, and lower scores.
ZEN PUTTING Clinic – Up to 40 on the Practice Green. Gives you confidence that you can make any putt!
ZEN GOLF Range Clinic – Up to 12 on the PracticeRange. Learn the pre-shot routines and visualization skills just like the top pros.
ZEN GOLF Experience/VIP Individual Instruction – Personalized lessons for one to four players.
On-Course Golf Tips – playing 2-3 holes with each foursome in a tournament, or several holes with selected VIPs for large groups.


                              PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE, 805-746-2048, TO SCHEDULE/ FOR INFO

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