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The definition of insanity is hoping to get a different result by doing the same thing over and over again. We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

                                                                         Albert Einstein

The NINJA System stands for:
Necessary Intention & Non-Judgmental Awareness.
To overcome an undesirable habit, it is necessary to establish a strong intention to make a change. You then apply nonjudgmental awareness. 
Like a flower blossoming naturally, by just noticing, without adding judgments of good or bad, you’ll find that you catch yourself sooner and sooner in the process of expressing the habit. Each time you become aware of a habit that you intend to change, you record it—without judgment. 
At first you only notice what you did after it happened. Then you realize it while it’s happening. After that you catch it just as it starts,and you’ll feel out of sync when your actions don’t match your intention.
Eventually you become aware of the impulse that drives the habit, and at some point even the impulse no longer appears.
The habit is gone.                           Click here for instructions
                                                     in mindful awareness practice


I am an avid golfer who started working with Dr. Parent on my golf game several years ago after reading ZEN GOLF.  Dr. Parent helped me with all aspects of my golf game and helped me reduce my handicap to a 4.  Today, I use Dr. Parent as a life coach and seek his counsel on issues ranging from challenges with my teenage son to helping my mom battle cancer.  He has helped me tremendously.   —Rob S., Dallas
Dr. Parent worked with our teenage daughter in person and through Facetime when she went to school in Europe. He helped her deal with the stress of emotional and cultural issues. His coaching allowed her to get the most out of her educational experience and we all benefited.   —Joy S., Los Angeles
As a corporate client of Dr. Parent for years I knew the kind of success he brought to our management group. When my wife and I began to have some struggles, we were able to work through the issues with him via Skype, and now we are much happier.   —David H., New York


              Come back from the future or past,
                        To what I was just doing last
That's the way I know how,
                To be Pooh here and now!
  From Dr. Joe's book A WALK IN THE WOOD: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh
You may have seen a little raffle ticket, on which is printed this profound message:


Usually our minds are bouncing around between the past and the future, rarely in the here and now. What does it mean to be truly present—to our own experience and to others with whom we communicate and interact?
Mindfulness is a secular contemplative practice for enhancing an individual's capacity for focus and awareness. It directs one to pay attention with purpose, in the present moment, and non- judgmentally. Mindfulness cultivates the abilities to 1) clearly observe and deeply experience physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions; 2) express genuine self-awareness and authentic empathy; and 3) enjoy life experiences fully, beyond the labels or judgments usually applied to them.

Mindfulness promotes greater personal and interpersonal self-awareness, essential elements of communication, relationship, and productivity. It also increases emotional stability and capacity for empathy, and engenders greater resilience and the ability to handle the challenges of change.
Dr. Parent offers weekly mindfulness classes at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Resort.