Practicing Mindful Awareness

Many Thanks to all who Joined Dr. Joe's Free Zoom Sessions for Guided Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation, followed by Zen Golf Q&A!
Sessions will start again in the New Year-- Stay Tuned for Starting Date.
If you have questions in advance, please email them to:
The first 60-minute session includes mindfulness, kindness, and compassion meditations with a Q&A period. The Zen Golf Q&A Session will start immediately afterward -- same link for either or both!
Save this link to join Zoom Meeting:
Please share the above link with any friends who you think might be interested.

Although these instructions are sufficient for beginning the practice of mindful awareness, if one wishes to delve deeper, it is important to have personal instruction from a qualified teacher. 

Also, please note: Persons with respiratory issues should consult a heath professional before doing any breathing exercise.

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Mindful Awareness Practice Instruction

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