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Getting Out Of Trouble- Parts 1 & 2

Price: $9.95

Getting Out Of Trouble - Part 1 - When You Miss The Fairway
with Dr. Joseph Parent, Best Selling Author of "Zen Golf". Whether you're a Tour player or high-handicapper, all golfers hit into trouble. The key to keeping your game on track and avoiding those blow-up holes is getting back onto the fairway or up to the green. This lesson includes

  • How to hit crisp, powerful shots from fairway bunkers, awkward stances, and under branches;

  • Strategies to minimize risk and maximize reward that save you strokes;

  • Mental imagery and swing-feel keys that will help you produce amazing recovery shots.

Getting Out Of Trouble - Part 2 -  When You Miss The Green
with Dr. Joseph Parent, Best Selling Author of "Zen Golf." If your approach shot is wide of the green, you can find yourself in trouble. Whether it's a deep bunker, thick rough, or a tree trunk, you need to know what to do. This lesson includes:

  • How to have touch and distance control out of deep greenside bunkers and thick rough;

  • Special techniques and creative approaches to challenging lies around the green;

  • Thinking outside the box to turn a potential double-bogey into a great par save.


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