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GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game - Audiobook Download

Price: $7.95

**Please note: Do not download straight to your phone. You must download to computer first, then sync with your phone. If you wish to sync directly with your phone, search for our products on iTunesAmazon, and Audible**


Short and sweet, GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game features a hundred brilliant game-changing tips for improving any golfer’s score. Includes simple yet powerful keys for keeping your composure and the mental edge over your opponents, and will help you play with more consistency, experience less frustration, and shoot lower scores. 

“Dr. Joe conveys his wisdom to all in a simple and beautiful manner.” –Jack and Barbara Nicklaus 


Unabridged Audiobook 
Running Time: 2 hours and 3 minutes
Read by: The author, Dr. Joseph Parent
Language: English 

Reader review:

“Dr. Parent is one of my favorite golf writers. This book covers all areas of the game from tee to green. Listen to one or two tips every day, and on the way every time you play, and you will enjoy your golf game more.” –Bo S.



iTunes Price: $14.95
Our Special: $9.95

iTunes Price: $9.95
Our Special: $7.95

iTunes Price: $14.95
Our Special: $9.95

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