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 Get the complete 4 Download set of the Mental Game Mastery Series by Dr. Joe: You will learn some of the tips that helped Vijay and Cristie- the same tips that will help you get the most out of your golf game!


You'll see lessons on the practice tee, on the putting green, and from challenging course conditions when you miss the fairway and when you miss the green.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the videos:

What is Taking Your Range Game to the Course about?

If you've hit the ball great on the range, and then experienced the frustration of not living up to your potential during the round, you'll learn how to take your "A" game from the practice range and put it into action from the first tee to the 18th green. Includes instruction on an effective pre-shot routine, a good start off the tee, and commitment to every shot to swing with confidence.

What is Putting With Confidence about?

In golf, the green is where that ultimate drama unfolds, where the biggest thrills and greatest agonies reside. A pressure-packed putt holds the potential for either the most frustrating or the most rewarding feeling you can have at the end of a hole, a round or a tournament.

Putting is the one place on the golf course where pros and amateurs should be on equal footing - not many of us can hit a 300-yard drive, but anyone can make a putt!

Reading greens, judging speed, and making a proper putting stroke are discussed, other parts of the proper mindset for developing true confidence on the greens, and the key elements of a great putting routine are revealed.


What are Getting out of Trouble parts 1 and 2 about?

All golfers hit into trouble. In this two-part lesson from Dr. Joe Parent, you learn how to get out!

Part 1: When You Miss the Fairway focuses on hitting crisp, powerful shots from fairway bunkers, awkward stances, and under branches; strategies to save strokes; and mental imagery to produce amazing recovery shots.

Part II: When You Miss the Green covers touch and distance control out of bunkers and thick rough; approaches to challenging lies around the green; and how to turn a potential double-bogey into a great par save.

At less than half the price of one half-hour lesson, this 2 1/2 hour instructional package is the perfect, inexpensive way of "getting lessons with Doc" - and - if you find the videos helpful, just imagine what personal lessons with Dr. Parent can do for your game!

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