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Zen Putting - Audiobook Download

Price: $9.95

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The ultimate guide for the flat stick, ZEN PUTTING: Mastering The Mental Game on the Greens covers everything from warm-up and practice programs to the ideal putting routine and how to build your confidence round after round. ZEN PUTTING brings a fresh perspective to the art of putting, giving you the feeling that you can make every putt. It is a book all golfers will want to listen to again and again.  

“Dr. Parent does a great job of teaching the all important principles of the mental game for putting and all of golf.” –David Toms



Unabridged Audiobook 
Running Time: 5 hours and 28 minutes
Read by: The author, Dr. Joseph Parent
Language: English 

Reader review: This is the bible of mental toughness on the greens. Very easy to listen to and navigate as a guide. Short chapters are easy to digest. Now I feel like I can make every putt I look at, and I do hole more than I could have ever imagined. –Marshall J.

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